Choleric Phlegmatic in Affection

Affection: Choleric Phlegmatic

Affection is the need to establish and maintain a satisfactory relationship with others in regard to love and affection (deep one-on-one relationships, such as spouses, girlfriends or boyfriends, parents, children, trusted friends). Affection asks two questions:

  • How much love and affection do I express to others?
  • How much love and affection do I want expressed to me?

 General description of people who are Choleric Phlegmatic in Affection:

  • Shows and requires only a moderate amount of love and affection
  • Is emotionally guarded — he/she rarely “opens up” (reveals the inner self)
  • Uses his/her “dry” (sometimes witty and often sarcastic) sense of humor to hide deep feelings
  • Uses his/her ability to show love and affection to screen out those individuals who do not meet his/her needs

 Potential weaknesses which should be considered and dealt with:

  • Tends to be an observer of the deep relationship — protects his/her low energy reserve by not getting deeply involved
  • Has little feeling for the people whom he is involved with in deep relationships
  • Tends to use his/her “dry” sense of humor to hold his/her deep relationships at a safe distance, where they will not use up his/her energy