Temperament Theory

Temperament is the inborn part of you that determines how you react to people, places and things. In short, it is how you interact with your environment and the world around you. It pinpoints your perception of yourself and the people who love you. It also is the determining factor in how well you handle the stresses and pressures of life.

Temperament is a determining factor in your spiritual development. According to Temperament Theory, your placement into the Kingdom of God must fit all areas of your life. Christ calls you into the right position as ordained by God and takes into account your physical capabilities, spiritual maturity and emotional makeup.

Temperament Theory teaches you accountability for your actions and helps you understand who God created you to be. The primary goal for temperament counsulting is to help you understand the mysteries of God’s wonderful creation – you. It helps you understand His plan for your life and will aid you in developing and maintaining relationships with others, especially with the Lord Jesus Christ.

“ This is by far the most involved and accurate evaluation I’ve ever had for myself. Good and bad traits alike, even some I wouldn’t have otherwise admitted haha. I know I would love to learn more from you about our temperaments, as I think it’s a super helpful aspect of keeping our relationship happy and healthy.” ~ newlywed Christine